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on August 27, 2015

Hello folks! I am really excited to be moving into this new position as a full time reading intervention teacher/coordinator. I am really looking forward to working with the kiddos and helping all of you in whatever ways I can.

I will be staying in my old room and we are transforming it into a Reading Intervention Center. My vision is to create a space not only for the reading teachers to work, but also a place to house resources and materials for the whole staff, and to create a place for us to come together to work and learn together in the area of reading. I want to be a resource not only for the intervention kids but also for all of you.

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2 responses to “Hello!

  1. James Velasco says:

    Congratulations. I think this is a great move. You are the best. I hope you will still be using your talents to teach reading from time to time.

    You motivate me to be a better teacher.

    Thanks for all you have done to help Andrew. He has grown so much. I think he will have a good year this year. He is more emotionally stable.

    Thanks again

    James Velasco Sr

  2. Kelli Colliton says:

    Super Laura! I look forward to learning together!

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