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on September 22, 2015


Woo hoo! AimsWEB reading assessments are done! We are working through the K & 1 math assessments now and hope to finish this week. Thanks again to all of the classroom teachers for being so flexible and welcoming when we show up at your door! I am waiting for central office to input classes into AimsWEB, as soon as that happens we will enter our data and get the reports in your hands.

Data Team Meetings

Our first data team meeting this year is Friday for kindergarten and first grades. Keep an eye on your mail box for a memo about the meeting and the protocol we will be following. I’m hoping to give you this with your AimsWEB data – SOON. 🙂 I would like you to be thinking about your kiddos you are worried about and bring any pertinent classroom assessment data to the meeting.

Reading Intervention Parent Night

Thursday I will be hosting about 25-30 parents who are interested in learning more about reading intervention here at Country Elementary. I am excited to share with them the collaborative plan we have for this year! I will also be giving ideas for how they can help their students at home as well as giving away free gifts!

Fun Writing Idea

I found this FREE opportunity to publish student writing that I wanted to pass along to everyone. You order a publishing kit, have your students write and illustrate the pages and then send them back. You will then get a FREE hardbound class book and parents will have a chance to order their own copy. What a cool way to celebrate the hard work you and your students are doing in writers workshop! If you want to try this and need help I would love to help you! Here is the link: FREE CLASS BOOK

As always, our reading intervention center is ALWAYS open! Come on down if you need a hand, some chocolate or even just a laugh.


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