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Intervention Updates

on October 23, 2015

Happy Friday! October sure has been a busy month! Here is what is going on down in the reading intervention center.

LLI – Leveled Literacy Intervention, this is the new curriculum that we are trying out. We starting out with small groups as we are beginning to learn this new curriculum. Stop by if you ever want to take a peek at the materials or if you want to watch a lesson. We are seeing really positive results so far with this program!

Progress Monitoring – K & 1 had their first round of progress monitoring last week. The data that we collected looks really good. The K & 1 teachers and I will begin to look at this data today during data team meeting and talk about kiddos who are not making the progress we expect and what our next steps are for them. 2nd and 3rd grade will have their first progress monitoring on Monday 11/2.

Book Club – The books have been ordered and I have a tentative schedule set, I’m waiting for the SIT schedule to be finalized and then I will finalize the book club schedule. I was going to try to have our first meeting in November but between conferences and Thanksgiving it looks like early December will be our best bet. It’s ok since this book may take us more than a year to work though.

Click on the book to read more about it!

Click on the book to read more about it!


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