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Intervention Updates 2-2-16

on February 2, 2016


LLI 2nd & 3rd grade is here! We are working hard to unpack the boxes and get everything sorted out. Stop by if you want to check out the new stuff!

Intervention Winter/Spring

We had great data team meetings last week! Thanks to everyone for collaborating! Our schedules are done and we are up and running. This week we will iron out any bugs in our schedules and get into the groove. Progress monitoring will be the end of next week so we can start seeing if our planned interventions are making a difference.

LLI Study Group

Our first LLI study group meeting was last Thursday. We had a great turn out! 15 people from both schools attended to learn more about LLI and how to support their most struggling readers. If you were unable to attend this months meeting but are still interested in joining us let me know!

Teaching Reading in Small Groups – Book Study Group

We had some really great conversations about both the morning and afternoon meetings this month. We talked about the 5 lenses of assessment in literacy and shared some resources for these lenses. One of the big ideas we talked about was engagement during literacy time. I shared a class-wide engagement observation tool. If you are interested in support to use this assessment let me know. I can cover your class while you watch what they are doing during reading time, or I can do the observation too.


Kim and I have been attending some training about aligning services between ICT and MTSS (intervention). We are working hard on a plan to use our limited resources in the best way possible. One of our big goals is to support teachers with more class and group ICT cases. If you are interested make sure to submit a request for assistance. 🙂


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