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Intervention Updates & Some Thoughts on Wait Time

on February 15, 2017

Intervention Updates: February is rushing past! Our winter intervention plans are up and running. We finished our first round of progress monitoring last week, many of our kiddos are showing great growth. I want to say thanks again for being so awesome and supportive! Intervention would never work without some of the most amazing teachers I have ever met!

Wait Time: After finishing Who’s Doing the Work last week I have really been trying to apply some of this to my work with my intervention kiddos. My focus has been on trying to increase my wait time when a student is stuck on a word. Even just waiting an extra second or two longer than I normally would, has blown me away. I think sometimes our lowest readers develop the habit of waiting for a teacher to swoop in and save them when they get stuck, by giving them even just a little extra wait time they have to do more of the work themselves.

If they need a prompt, instead of giving them the strategy, I try to say, “What are you going to try?” or “How are you going to figure out that word?” This helps them to think about the strategies they know and try to decide which one to use.

The other little prompt I have been using (at school and with my first grader at home) is when a student says “I don’t know.” I respond not with telling them the answer but with “What would you say if you did know?” I have found that MOST of the time they have a pretty good idea!

Check out what the Two Writing Teachers have to say about wait time in a writing conference here.

What ways can you use wait time to help students do more of the work?





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