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A Tiny Change

on March 3, 2017

Recently, after reading this blog post from The Two Writing Teachers, I have been thinking about students and their purposes for reading and writing. We know that people are more engaged when they have a personal connection to the work they do. Obviously giving students choice about what they read and write is important. I think that if we want to help students be even more engaged we to help them connect the work they do in school to their lives. How do we get them to be more reflective?

Try this! During your share time instead of asking a students: WHAT did you read today? or WHAT did you write about today? try this tiny change: WHY did you read that book today? WHY did you write about that topic today? 

I’ve tried this in my own life and have been shocked how a simple change in the question can help you to reflect on your choices and a reader and writer.


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