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Growing Together at Country!


On Tuesday I had the opportunity to join Shannon’s class. Shannon asked me to do some conferring with her students while she observed. This was a great learning experience for both of us! Don’t forget if you want any type of writing workshop support you can sign up on the sign up genius link below or email me if those days/times don’t work and we can figure something out.

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How to Read a Story


How to Read a Story by Kate Messner and illustrated by Mark Siegel, is a sweet how to story gives 10 easy steps to read a story, from choosing the right book, to making your voice sound like the character, and tackling tricky words. This book is a great read aloud to remind your students the important parts of reading during Daily 5 or reading workshop or would make a great mentor text for a how to writing unit. If you are interested in checking this book out, it is on display in my room!

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Some Great Stories About Reading!

I have 2 stories about reading to share with you today.


Lines, Squiggles, Letters, Words is a story about an emergent reader starting to make sense of the letters and words in the world around him. This would make a great read aloud for K and 1st.


Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies is a wonderful story about reading with a partner. The bear is a great role model for young readers. He never backs down from hard words and cheers for his partner. This would make a great read aloud for anyone doing read to someone or reading partners.

Both books are on my reading display case if you’re interested in borrowing them! Have a great day!

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The Disgusting Critter Series


Looking for a nonfiction series to appeal to that student in your class who likes gross stuff? Looking for a great example of narrative nonfiction? Looking for books that include humor and voice? Look no further! The Disgusting Critter series by Elise Gravel is what you need. With titles like The Fly and The Rat, these engaging books are perfect for those students about to get into chapter books. If you want to check them out, they are on display in my room.

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Mentor Text: I Want My Hat Back


I Want My Hat Back is a simple and funny story. Bear has lost his hat and goes looking for it. On his search he asks many different animals if they have seen his hat. This book has action words, characters talking, ellipses, inferring and much more. If you want to borrow this great story to read to your class come on down to my room! Click the picture if you are interested in ordering the book from Amazon.

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More Workshop Support

Today Sarah invited me into her classroom to watch her teach a writing lesson. She had asked for specific feedback on a few areas, and when we met after the lesson we had a great conversation about her lesson and her writers. Thanks Sarah for inviting me in to watch you teach! You rock!

Kindergarten is such a busy place I didn’t get to snap a picture! 🙂

If you are interested in signing up for some support let me know. If the days and times can’t work for you let me know and I should be able to work my schedule out to accommodate you. Here is the sign up genius link:

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Workshop Support!

Today Shannon was the first brave person to take advantage of workshop support time. I watched her class for 45 minutes while she was able to go and observe Jeannette during writing. I asked Shannon what the most powerful part was and she said watching Jeannette confer with her students. Please make sure to use the sign up genius or let me know if I can help you!img_3172

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This week I stumbled across a great new resource for quality books for children online and on mobile devices. Epic is 100% free for educators. They have an app for almost every mobile device as well as being available on smartboards, chrome books and lap tops. There are books that are read to the student and books they can read themselves. There is also a healthy mix of fiction and nonfiction. Check out the link below or look for it in the app store.


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Mentor Text: Kiss Good Night


Kiss Good Night is a short and sweet picture book that packs a punch for writing instruction. It would be a great mentor text to use during any narrative unit. In the story Mrs. Bear is putting Sam to bed, but Sam is waiting for something special. This text is chock full of teachable spots including:

  • strong setting lead
  • dialogue
  • sensory sound words
  • little actions
  • and many, many more

If you want to borrow this book it’s on the read aloud display rack in my room. Enjoy!

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Intervention Updates

Just like that we are up and running. Here is the scoop from the reading intervention center.

Our team this year will consist of myself, Missy Zettel, Heidi Pankow and Stacie Williams. Our main goal this year is goal congruence with classroom teachers. In order to help achieve this goal each grade level is going to have 1 dedicated intervention teacher. Stacie will start the year in Kindergarten, I will be joining the 1st grade team, Heidi will be joining the 2nd grade team and Missy will be joining the 3rd grade team.

After beginning of the year assessments are completed we will be meeting with each teacher to work on grouping and scheduling. Also, if you have grade level planning times your interventionist would love to join your meeting. Just let them know the time and place. We are looking forward to a great year!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email/call me or stop by the intervention center.

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